Extra-Curricular Activities

All qualified students may try out for membership on an athletic team and in extra-curricular activities. The school is committed to providing everyone a fair chance to participate. Unfortunately, not everyone who tries out can always be accepted. The decision of the coach or moderator is final. Parents are encouraged to help their children understand that not everyone will be selected.

Extra-Curricular Activity Code: Pertains to all school clubs and organizations aside from athletic teams and cheerleading squads. All students engaged in school clubs and activities shall be doing passing work in at least 25 credit hours (5 Academic Classes) of high school work per week. Those students not meeting this requirement shall be ineligible for the next (7) calendar days, beginning the day immediately after the coach and student-athlete are notified. Drivers Education is not part of the twenty-five hours.

Students must be in attendance for a minimum of four (4) class periods in order to practice, perform, or compete in extra-curricular activities or athletics, with the exception of absence due to school-sponsored activities.

A science and engineering competition between students from various high schools. Various levels of recognition can be won for the individual student and school teams.

Alleman Catholic High School Disciples
Student led prayer / bible study group.  Students are given the space and community of friends to grow in faith and the life of Christ. 

Students help promote Alleman in a positive light throughout the community.  Highlighting the various events, academics and athletic opportunities that we have to offer.  Ambassadors will also visit the 3 partner schools throughout the year. 

The official performing unit of the Pioneer music department, is open to all students who have demonstrated musical ability through elementary and junior high school. This is a class. The band plays at home football and basketball games, at sports assemblies, in concerts here and in the community, even in parades  If a student plays a band instrument but does not want to be in the band class, he may be able to just play at the sports events.

Book Club
Students will read and discuss books throughout the school year. We read one book and have one meeting at the end of each quarter. 

There are two Choirs:

  • Audition Choir is a class. This class puts on concerts here at school as well as to community groups, particular during the Holiday Season.

  • Mass Choir provides singing for the Liturgies (Catholic Mass) we celebrate here at school

Computer Club
Students meet to provide support for student body technology needs.  Main focus is the maintenance of student Chromebooks

Dance Marathon
The student body unites to raise awareness and donations for children under care at the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital in Iowa City.  Students host fundraising events throughout the year and raise pledges so that they can attend a special night  of dancing, food and entertainment honoring our Dance Marathon families and each other at Alleman High School.

Drama Club
The Drama Club is open to all students. Its purpose is to present the three major school productions each year. Entertaining activities and educational field trips are also sponsored by the club.

Engineer and Science Club
The Science and Engineering Club dedicates itself to bringing students together that are interested in competitive and non-competitive competitions related to engineering and science fairs. This club gives guidance to students to learn and create projects from various local and state competitions for engineering and science. 

Game Club
Students and teachers gather to play games after school on Tuesdays in the library from 3:00 to 4:30 PM.  Over 100 games are available to play.

Habitat for Humanity Club
Students assist the local organization HfHQC in the process of building homes for people in need in our area. Students volunteer on Saturdays to help with serving lunch to the volunteers, outdoor landscaping/lawn work, and even actual building of the houses if over 16 years of age.  Some summer volunteering may be available.

A math competition between students from various high schools in the State of Illinois. Various levels of recognition can be won for the individual as well as the high school the student attends. There are individual & team competitions.

International Club
The International Club is open to all students interested in all foreign cultures and languages with an emphasis on Spanish and French. Various activities are planned throughout the year including a “Foreign Language and Cultural Awareness Week.”

Key Club
Key Club is an international youth organization whose membership is dedicated to the service of home, school and community. Membership is composed of individuals who have applied for acceptance and been nominated by an Alleman faculty member.

National Honor Society
Students are nominated and selected based on academic achievement, leadership and service. These students participate in service projects every quarter. NHS organizes the Sadie Hawkins Dance every February.

Pioneer Press
Alleman publishes a school newspaper, “Pioneer Press”. All students are encouraged to submit articles to the staff.

Pioneer Reflections
Alleman’s fine arts and literary magazine is published annually. It includes poetry, short stories, essays, art work, original musical compositions, and foreign language pieces submitted by students from all grades. Students at all grade levels interested in being on the staff are encouraged to join.

Project Green Schools
Provides a structured chapter-based program for high-achieving, environmentally focused students to create extraordinary impact in schools, organizations, and communities while getting the recognition they deserve on a state and national level. The NGSS program develops bright, civic-minded, environmentally literate citizens. 

Formal Dance reserved for seniors and juniors.   Traditionally held in late April/early May.

Sigma Alpha Delta (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
A student-led organization that promotes positive choices by organizing fun activities for students to participate in without the pressure of drugs, alcohol or degradation: Tailgates, bowling, movie nights, and many more.

Star Spangled Banner Singers
Students who sing the Star Spangled Banner at athletic events.

Student Council
A student-led organization that empowers our student leaders to organize and run large school events/projects that promote school spirit and unity for the betterment of our school and community: Homecoming,Student Council Week, Freshman Orientation, Blood Drive, and many more.

Student Hunger Drive
The mission of the Student Hunger Drive is to "unite and empower area high school students in the commitment to feed the hungry and promote volunteerism." 6-8 week program in which students organize activities to collect non-perishable food donations for the Riverbend Food Pantry. This is a competition between local high schools to see who can bring in the heaviest poundage of food.

The Yarn Club
Students get together to create crocheted & knitted items (hatc, scarves, etc) to donate to those in need

Alleman publishes a school yearbook, “Pioneer”. Students are encouraged to contact the moderator.

If a student has a particular interest in an area and if the student can identify other students interested and a faculty member who agrees to moderate, additional organizations may be established. A written proposal, and description must be completed and submitted to the principal for approval.

Some student organizations have their own by-laws that govern student discipline within that organization. In the case of a violation of school rules, the by-laws of the organization will determine the appropriate discipline and the student’s standing within the organization that may go above and beyond the school’s disciplinary code. Disciplinary procedures for all other clubs/activities will be handled as outlined below.

  • HIGHLY OBJECTIONABLE HABITS such as the possession of or use of or remaining present where there are illegal drugs, including the underage use of alcohol, or other Grave Offenses as listed in the Handbook can cause the student to be suspended from the club/organization. Any student who holds an elected office or appointed position in a school club/organization/team must resign from that
    office/position if he/she commits a grave offense as described in the handbook.

  • FIRST OFFENSE: A thirty (30) school day suspension from the club/organization activities. A first offense suspension for a member of Emeralds will be calculated based on 1/3 of the season. This suspension does not affect activities which are required parts of a course grade. If the offense occurs during a time when school is not in session, the suspension will take effect upon the first day that classes resume.

  • VOLUNTARY ADMISSION OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Voluntary admission, in writing to the Principal or Assistant Principal, by the student of an infraction involving substance abuse will result in the consequence being reduced by half. The purpose of this provision is to encourage the student to accept responsibility for his/her actions/decisions. The voluntary admission may NOT be used if the rule infraction is already known to the Principal and/or Assistant Principal. This provision may be used only once during a high school career and for a first offense only.

  • SECOND OFFENSE WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL: A sixty (60) school day suspension from the club/organization activities. If however, the second offense occurs within 365 calendar days of the first offense, then the suspension will be for one calendar year. Periods of ineligibility may not be served concurrently. A second offense for a member of the Emeralds will be calculated based on two-thirds of the season. If the offense occurs during a time when school is not in session, the suspension will take effect upon the first day that classes resume.

  • THIRD OFFENSE WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL: The student will be suspended for a minimum of one calendar year from the date of the offense with the possibility of no further participation unless 50 hours of work detentions at Alleman are satisfactorily completed. Periods of ineligibility may not be served concurrently.

Clubs & Organization Highlights


The Ambassadors program is open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. These students are selected by the Administration and Faculty to represent Alleman to the partner schools and to help incoming Freshmen.


Key Club

Key Club is an international youth organization whose membership is dedicated to the service of home, school and community. Membership is comprised of individuals who have applied for acceptance.


National Honor Society

The purpose of the National Honor Society was to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership and to encourage the development of character.


Student Council

The Student Council is designed to be an important part of Alleman High School to serve as a medium of communication between the student body and the administration and faculty.